So, I’m hanging out in the break room eating my sandwich minding my own business. I don’t really socialize with many people. However, my supervisor and I seem to have a lot in common. He comes over to my table to hang out. He mentions that his little girl is sick. “Shitting razor blades,’ is the way he described it. I empathize with him because Baby Dax has been ill.

I went on to explain that Baby Dax is trying to cut his first tooth. The first tooth is always a bitch. I feel bad for him because I know tooth pain. Anyway, Joe added that his daughter is also cutting another tooth. He kind of deduced in his mind that the teething is why his daughter is ill.

Anyway, another woman was sitting close by turned around and said that “An old Black woman” gave her a cure for teething pain. She swore that it worked for her son’s tooth pain. Evidently, you take a chicken egg and place it in a sock that the baby has worn. (Dirty sock) Then the egg-sock is placed in a drawer and forgotten. The egg sock must be forgotten for the magic to work. Anyway, if you forget about the egg-sock, the baby will have no teething pain. After the tooth is cut, when you finally remember the egg-sock, if you crack the eggshell, the egg will be empty. She swears by this cure, and emphatically stated that it works “without fail.’

Of course I had to add, “What if you forgot the egg-sock but then accidentally break the egg? Does your baby’s head explode?” She didn’t appreciate my humor. Anyway, I’ve heard of mountain magic, voodoo, and gypsy curses and hexes. I’ve heard of them. I’ve never practiced any of them…well except for the lucky four-leaf clover or a rabbit’s foot. I think I want to study up on some of these “cures.”

Have you heard of any “magic” cures?

Just Damn!