I have ignored this place for a whole year. I think it is done. I always said that when I quit Blogging, I would just Quit. I have done that. However, I think I need to say a little Something…I have migrated to the Facebook. Although only 3 posts exist this year…I think 12 years is enough.

When I figure out how to download and save all the Blog posts (and non-Blog posts) I will save my $7 dollars a month hosting and not renew the domain and quietly go into that good night.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to lurk around on all of those Blogs I still visit nearly everyday. I’m just sorry that that I couldn’t have continued to post. Over the past several years the children are older and my priorities have changed. I will always cherish the relationships that were built here. (I have lost all phone numbers by the way)

It was a wild ride…

Just Damn!