The Last Post

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I have ignored this place for a whole year. I think it is done. I always said that when I quit Blogging, I would just Quit. I have done that. However, I think I need to say a little Something…I have migrated to the Facebook. Although only 3 posts exist this year…I think 12 years is enough.

When I figure out how to download and save all the Blog posts (and non-Blog posts) I will save my $7 dollars a month hosting and not renew the domain and quietly go into that good night.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to lurk around on all of those Blogs I still visit nearly everyday. I’m just sorry that that I couldn’t have continued to post. Over the past several years the children are older and my priorities have changed. I will always cherish the relationships that were built here. (I have lost all phone numbers by the way)

It was a wild ride…

Just Damn!



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I haven’t made a post in 2013. And I almost missed the whole month of January…

Blogging is a dead medium…

Just Damn!

Happy New Year 2013

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Happy New Year everyone. May 2013 bring you every thing you hope for.

Just Damn!

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas!

We are all headed over to Grandfather’s House for Christmas Dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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I really like this holiday. Thanksgiving kicks major ass. Of course, I like to eat too. I think Thanksgiving gives some legitimacy to gluttony…awesome.

On the menu today:

Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant Massacre
…it’s the eighteen minute holiday Blog tradition.

Oven roasted turkey with apple-sausage stuffing…the stuffing is a relatively new addition to the meal. I was tired of the same old cornbread stuffing.

The parade of starches begins with:

Macaroni and cheese bake…loaded with cheese…comfort food to the max!

Sweet potato soufflé…A few years ago I asked for this recipe on my Blog…Barbara responded, great flavor and easy too. No one eats this but me…I’m just too lazy to make only for myself…

The lovely and talented Priscilla answered her sweet tooth craving by creating a delicious looking Banana Nut Bread…yum!

My mother is at my brother’s this year.

Some folks eat their holiday meal at noon, some at two. Not us…we eat late about four or five. In the early days, we would have to travel to the parents’ houses for holidays. After a few years of loading and unloading kids we thought, “Fuck all this shit!” Now we stay home on holidays and have the ‘rents come to us. However, eating late seems to accommodate everyone’s schedule. Besides, I get to sleep in and start cooking later…Awesome!
A couple of years ago, special friend and fellow blown-eye, Zonker came to dinner. We were especially excited thankful about that. Again, this year he is traveling to Florida. He will miss the Pumpkin Chunkin’ and funny videos.
Oh Hell! I’ll paste the videos for everyone:

While I have your attention, I want to give thanks to all the military personnel for making the sacrifice to protect me and my family so I can be safe today. I hope everyone has a safe holiday and a Happy Thanksgiving.

Just Damn!

My Birthday!

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Happy Birthday to me!

Just Damn!